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Wir sind Sondermaschinenbauer
für energieeffiziente Bearbeitungsmaschinen und Komponenten

Continuity and innovation

The principle of punching has been known since the invention of letterpress printing - and that was over 500 years ago: A stamp is pressed into a die, in this case metal letters on paper. The punch developed from the stamp.

It not only prints, but perforates the material. And the punch made it possible to process sheet metal or plastics in series - just like letterpress printing, through which books could be produced in large numbers, quickly and inexpensively.


Punched cable ducts made of PVC, PPO or PC-ABS are used worldwide in industrial control cabinets, but also in rail vehicles, in aviation or in building construction. Our POWERSPEE cable duct punch is the icing on the cake of the previous development: With one million strokes in 24 hours, it punches faster and more energy-efficiently than its pneumatic and hydraulic predecessors. The POWERSPEE produces a cable duct two meters long every ten seconds. The cable ducts manufactured in this way are low in burrs and lint. This eliminates the usual need to deburr the cable ducts. Do you want to punch flat material at the same speed? Then use our BaseSpee. The Flexspee, on the other hand, stands for high positioning accuracy and flexibility in inline punching.

Quickly and individually

We didn't reinvent the wheel. But it works better with us:

Der Bearbeitungsvorgang mit den Exzenterpressen POWERSPEE und BASESPEE erreicht ein hohes Tempo. Zugleich kann die Materialzufuhr und -entnahme auf Wunsch automatisiert oder halbautomatisiert werden. Der Werkzeugwechsel ist dynamisch, die Rüstzeiten sind dank Schnellkupplung kurz und kostengünstig. Da wir wenig Verschleißteile verbauen, benötigen POWERSPEE und BASESPEE minimale Wartung.

Wir stellen eine Technologie bereit, mit der Boden- und Seitenstanzungen nach Wunsch unserer Kunden ausgeführt werden können. Die Maschine ist über eine variable Stiftführung auf verschiedene Kabelkanalbreiten und -längen einstellbar.

Die FLEXSPEE ist kompakt gebaut und sehr geschmeidig: Die Zahnstangenpresse passt sich besonders gut an die Performance Ihrer bestehenden Produktionslinie an: Sie misst über einen Encoder die Geschwindigkeit des heranfahrenden Materials und stanzt „während der Fahrt“. Ob stanzen, ablängen oder prägen – die FLEXSPEE ermöglicht maximale Positioniergenauigkeit und Flexibilität.


Innovative solutions for different punching processes


Inline-Stanzen bedeutet für uns, dass die Fertigung für den Stanzprozess nicht unterbrochen werden muss.

Im Gegenteil: Der Stanzvorgang reiht sich in die Fertigungslinie ein und passt sich mittels eines „schlauen“ Drehgebers an die Ausbringungsmenge des Extruders an. Werden 20 Meter pro Minute extrudiert, so fliegt unsere Stanze in genau dieser Geschwindigkeit mit dem Werkstoff mit, stanzt und fährt zurück in die Ausgangsposition. So erreichen wir maximale Positioniergenauigkeit und Stanzqualität.

The principle of the flying saw is highly flexible and productive. It can also be used for sawing and cutting to length. Stanova uses rack presses for this.


With offline punching, we assume a separate processing step in the production line. After extrusion, the plastic is cut to a specified size and the individual pieces are introduced into the punch - manually or automatically. This breaks the speed set by the extruder for the first time.

For the punching process, the workpieces are again individually accelerated on a feed for the desired punching speed.


Beim Offline-Stanzen setzen wir Exzenterpressen ein, die sich kontinuierlich in eine Richtung bewegen. Sie entwickeln dadurch eine hohe kinetische Energie, haben eine hohe Stanzkraft und sind energieeffizient.




  • Rack and pinion press
  • Highly accurate positioning
  • Energy recovery
  • Compact
  • Adaptation to extruder performance (flying saw)

System components



  • Eccentric press
  • High productivity
  • For flexible material (only in connection with reel)
  • Up to 1000 strokes per minute




  • Rack and pinion press
  • Highly accurate positioning
  • Energy recovery
  • Compact
  • Adaptation to extruder performance (flying saw)

System components




  • Eccentric press
  • High productivity
  • For rigid material
  • Up to 1000 strokes per minute



  • Eccentric press
  • High productivity
  • For the production of cable ducts
  • Up to 12 meters per minute


Hear, see, touch - this is how we learn from childhood. And so you can also inspect our machines in our workshop in Berlin. We are also happy to come to you to understand your technical task and to find a suitable system solution for you.


100% Made in Germany

451/5000 At Stanova, we have been around the world respecting the achievements of other countries and cultures. We are convinced local patriots when it comes to material procurement: Our parts shouldn't have traveled more than we ourselves. That is why all standard, purchased and manufactured parts come from Germany or from German suppliers and producers. Made in Germany is a promise of quality and sustainability to us and to you.

Patented technology

Germany occupies a top position in patent applications: 15 percent of all patents worldwide came from Germany in 2019. That is second place behind the USA with 25 percent of patents. Stanova has contributed to this unbroken innovative strength: in 2015 we filed a component-based patent, and in 2019 a tool-based patent for punching plastics. After thorough examination by the German Patent and Trademark Office, our first patent was disclosed in 2017 and thus protected for 20 years.

Energy efficient


Energy efficient machines are a competitive advantage. Companies save energy costs and gain a reputation for resource-saving production. Stanova uses electrical drive technology because servomotors are more efficient than pneumatic and hydraulic drives. We design our presses precisely and individually so that over-dimensioning, which leads to increased energy requirements, is avoided. The braking energy generated is stored in capacity modules and fed back into the system. Last but not least, the high punching speed of our presses guarantees that production lines with extruders are optimally used, no heat is lost.

Green Buddy Award

Stanova receives the Green Buddy Award!

The Berlin district office of Tempelhof-Schöneberg awards the prize to "environmentally friendly production and production-related services".

It was awarded to us for developing a particularly energy-efficient press for punching cable ducts - our contribution to lower energy consumption. Also read our press release. We donated the prize money for social projects: “This is corporate responsibility in practice,” said District Mayor Angelika Schöttler in the Berliner Morgenpost.


As a B2B manufacturer, we sell directly to you - our end customers. Through direct contact, we can respond quickly and completely individually to your machine requirements. With us as a special machine builder, you save time and money.

Innovative through research

Logo Forschung_und Entwicklung 2020

Stanova's research activity was recognized by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft with the seal of approval “Innovative through research”.
The Stifterverband is the joint initiative of companies and foundations that is the only one that provides holistic advice, networks and promotes in the areas of education, science and innovation.


Always by your side

We take customer friendliness seriously: Operation and maintenance of the machine are uncomplicated and understandable, the lubrication of the machine can be partially automated. The operating personnel can make individual settings on the punches using the panel PC. We use self-explanatory graphics in the operating elements and the technical documentation, which make our customers self-sufficient when using the machine. We react quickly to technical questions: via video telephony or service calls. We support you in analyzing and correcting errors.

Technology meets communication

Mixed teams are most successful - this also applies to us: We bring different professional and technical backgrounds that promote the creative development of our technology. Technical know-how, desire for technical challenges, but also enjoyment of working at the interface between man and machine - that's what sets us apart as a team. We are reinforced by excellent designers, programmers and toolmakers with whom we work.



Geschäftsführerin, würde am liebsten heute schon fossilfreien Stahl für die Anlagen von Stanova einsetzen. Sie ist für Strategie, Marktentwicklung und Vertrieb zuständig. Als Mitglied der IHK Vollversammlung in Berlin setzt sie sich für generationengerechtes Wirtschaften ein.

Philipp Janusch

vertritt die Geschäftsführung. In seiner Freizeit engagiert sich der Feinwerkmechanikermeister und Technische Betriebswirt beim Technischen Hilfswerk oder segelt in und um Berlin. Bei Stanova macht er den technischen Vertrieb und die Produktionsplanung.


Automation technician, cannot let go of motors, wheels and pinions even in his free time. At Stanova Stanztechnik he is responsible for assembly, control and technical documentation.


Ingenieur, studierte an der TH Wildau Maschinenbau: aus Liebe zum Fach und der Nähe zum Wasser. Der mehrfache Europa- und Weltmeister im Drachenbootfahren ist verantwortlich für Konstruktion und Versuche.


Founder of the company Promess Gesellschaft für Montage & Prüfsysteme mbH, which is the market leader in servo presses. Since he left the day-to-day business, he has reactivated his inventor DNA: The engineer trained at the Technical University of Braunschweig and Berlin is leading the innovation project "NC-controlled device for rationalization in sheet metal production" in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Society in Dresden. He is just as enthusiastic about developing a system for the production of the fertile soil "Terra Preta", which binds an extremely large amount of C02. He supports Stanova as a senior partner.


A financial accountant who reads numbers with as much dedication as books. In her private life, she lets herself be surprised at sneak previews and likes to screw on bicycles and washing machines. At Stanova she works in project management in addition to accounting and human resources.

Detlef Knoske

Sales engineer, is a trained heavy current electrician and studied electrical engineering with voltage levels. Prefers to relax with his grandchildren. He tracks down exciting new customers for Stanova.


Werkstudent bei Stanova und Masterand an der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin (HTW). Der ausgebildete Mechatroniker fährt gern Fahrrad und segelt, wenn er sich nicht gerade mit der Fliegenden Säge von Stanova beschäftigt.


A Berlin bear that stands for green innovation and therefore fits 100% with Stanova. The environmental award was given to us by the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district office for developing a particularly energy-efficient punching press. Also read our press release. We donated the prize money for social projects: “This is corporate responsibility in practice,” said District Mayor Angelika Schöttler in the Berliner Morgenpost.


Equal pay for work of equal value and equal opportunities for advancement for both genders, an open corporate culture, flexible working time models and part-time leadership. Stanova supports and lives the values and goals of the Charter of equality. Charta der Gleichstellung.


Promess is a leading manufacturer of servo presses.

It all started with the development of patented measuring bearings for tool monitoring in an engineering office in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Today almost 100 employees work in three production buildings in Berlin-Marienfelde. Promess develops standard components for assembly and testing technology, but also individually adapted technologies for the automotive industry, watchmaking and medical technology.


With 14,000 students, the HTW is Berlin's largest university for applied sciences.

It offers more than 70 courses with a close practical and research focus. This makes the university an attractive cooperation partner for companies. Stanova is working with the HTW on a joint research and development project that is funded as part of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs. Scientific publications on this project:


The BTU is a technical university with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability in the heart of Lausitz.

The combination of basic and application-oriented research results in solutions that are in demand around the world in the key areas: environment, energy, materials, construction, health, and information and communication technology. BTU students have carried out tests for Stanova on the contactless measurement of workpieces for quality control.


Entrepreneurs For Future expresses our desire for serious climate action at the policy level.

We know from our own day-to-day business activities: Climate-friendly business already works today. Many innovative technologies, products, services and business models for better climate protection already exist. But a more far-reaching political framework is finally needed to create fair competitive conditions for climate-friendly technologies and business models and to change the economy as a whole..


The Motzener Strasse company network bundles the interests of around 50 companies at the industrial site in Berlin-Marienfelde

Joint purchasing, infrastructure projects, area kindergarten, cooperation with schools and universities - it makes sense to join forces. Stanova is part of this network, which was awarded in 2016. https://www.motzener-strasse.de/

Many ways lead to the goal

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