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We are special machine builder
for energy-efficient punching systems and components

Climate protection

is important to us

The preservation of the natural foundations of life is a prerequisite for entrepreneurial action and investment. Sustainable action can only work in the triangle of society, politics and business. That is why Stanova is reducing its own ecological footprint as much as possible and also sees it as its task to sensitize its employees to this. At the same time, Stanova calls on politicians to reduce climate-damaging subsidies and to favor climate protection and ecological action through taxation, for example by increasing CO2 pricing, promoting energy-efficient drive technologies and fossil-free steel production.



Measures at Stanova in detail:   

  • Stanova signed the statement Entrepreneurs For Future.
  • Stanova is a tree patron on a meadow orchard in the Naturschutzstation Marienfelde.
  • Stanova uses recycled paper, green electricity and public transport for business trips.
  • Stanova trains climate scouts who work across departments to reduce the company's environmental footprint - together with neighboring Promess Montage und Prüfsysteme GmbH.
  • Stanova uses refurbished equipment where possible.
  • Stanova is a client of a fair, ecological and ethical bank - the EthikBank.
  • Stanova uses the search engine Ecosia, which uses part of its income to plant trees.