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The first part of the production line is an extruder, the extruded material is punched directly ("inline") after extrusion. The last station consists of a cutting (or sawing) unit that cuts the material to a defined length. The punching system and the cutting process must therefore be synchronized with the continuously extruded material (“flying saw” principle). The punching system and the saw are usually synchronized independently because punching is repeated but only cut once per section.

The punching machine must therefore be mounted on a slide, STANOVA offers the FlexSpee machine type for this task. The machine is equipped with an NC-controlled feed slide.


A loop is required between the extruder, punching machine and reel in order to compensate for the different feed speeds between the extruder and the punch as well as the punch and the reel. The feed rate of the punching machine is influenced with a loop monitor in front of the punch, and the winding speed with the loop monitor in front of the reel.

The punching machine must work in stop-and-go mode, i.e. the profile is transported under the punching machine by a roller feed, punched and then the next cycle begins. STANOVA offers the "BaseSpee" machine type for this application, which has all the necessary components.


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In this case, the extrusion process and the subsequent punching process are carried out independently of one another. Production example: cable ducts with complex punching processes.

In the case of cable ducts, side and bottom punchings must be made. The process is most effective when both manufacturing operations - extruding and punching - are performed on independent machines. The extruded profile is cut to length, temporarily stored and finished and delivered according to customer requirements.

STANOVA offers the PowerSpee machine for this.

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