We get cracking

We get cracking

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Continuity and innovation

Continuity and innovation

The principle of punching has been known since letterpress printing, i.e. more than 500 years ago: a stamp is squeezed into a die; in this case a metallic letter is pressed on a paper sheet. Stamping was the basis for the development of the punching technology. And the punching machine allowed – as letter printing did before – serial treatment of metal sheets and plastics. Cable ducts made from PVC, PPO or ABS, for instance, are used in electrical cabinets in the industry worldwide. Our punching machine POWERSPEE has topped said development. With one million strokes in 24 hours it punches more quickly and saves more energy than predecessors, and with low burrs. The POWERSPEE produces one cable duct every ten seconds.

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Fast and individual

Fast and

We have not reinvented the wheel. But we make it run faster: punching with POWERSPEE reaches extremely high speeds. Feeding and removal of the material is automatic. The punching machine is easy to handle, and so is changing the tool kit. The set-up time is short and cost-efficient. In practice the punching machine operates reliably 24 hours per day. We provide a technology which allows press cuts according to our clients´requirements – at the bottom or on the flanks of the cable ducts. With the help of a variable pin guide the machine can be adjusted to different sizes of cable ducts.

Always by your side

Always by
your side

Customer-friendliness is not just a word for us: operation and maintenance of the machine are easy and intelligible. We use self-explanatory graphics and animations for the controls which allows our customers to be as independent as possible when working with the machine. For technical questions we offer an innovative remote maintenance: a database provides solutions and forwards requests to our service technician day and night. Furthermore customers can use our constantly updated FAQ. You can always get in touch with us via telephone or skype. At your request we are quickly by your side and support you to analyze and correct any faults.



The machine has been developed and constructed in cooperation with interested customers. Experienced design engineers worked on their genesis and its development and are committed to its continuous improvement.

Technology meets communication

Technology meets communication

Mixed teams are the most successful – this is also true for us: we have different professional and specialized backgrounds which give the further development of our technology a creative push. Specialist know-how, the desire to solve technical challenges, as well as the pleasure of working at the interface of human being and machine – all this characterizes us. We count on excellent design and software engineers and tool makers who strengthen our team.

Katrin Lechler

Director, has quickly acclimatized in her new professional habitat after having worked many years as journalist and editor. A leader in sales, corporate strategy and marketing.

Manuel Schulz

Automation technician, cannot let go of machines even in his leisure time. At Stanova Stanztechnik he is responsible for assembly, control engineering and technical documentation.

Uwe Heidler

Test engineer, studied at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau: out of love for the subject and of love for the water: He won several times the European and World Championship in Dragon boat. At Stanova he is responsable for tests and design engineering.


Dr. Ing Gerhard Lechler

Founder of Promess Assembly and Sensor Technology in Berlin, the leading manufacturer of assembly presses. He studied at the technical universities of Berlin and Braunschweig. Being no longer involved in the daily business he reactivates the playful part in his DNA: E.g in a project rationalizing the work flow in the steel sheet industry together with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Dresden. With the same enthusiasm he developed a cider press for private use. He supports Stanova as Senior Partner.

Awarded for green production

by the district Tempelhof-Schöneberg of Berlin. The young company developed a very energy-efficient machine for punching cable ducts which saves tons of C02 in the plastics industry industry – our share to save energy. Read the press release (in German). We donated the prize money to charitable organizations and social projects: “This is active entrepreneurial responsibility”, says the mayor of the district Tempelhof-Schöneberg Angelika Schöttler in the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost.

Portrait Stefanie Berger, Finanzbuchhalterin Stanova

Stefanie Berger

Financial accountant, who reads numbers with the same enthusiasm as books. In her leisure time she likes to be surprised by sneak-previews and likes to ticker with bicycles and washing machines. At Stanova she is responsible for human resources and project management in addition to accounting.

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