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We are special machine builder
for energy-efficient punching systems and components

Media coverage

August 2021 - kunststoffmagazin

Burr-free punching with drive technology from Bosch Rexroth

August 2021 - plasticker

The universal processing machine "FlexSpee" from Stanova can punch, drill and cut to length.

Juni 2021 - interview with easy engineering

Managing Director Katrin Lechler on the new generation of machines at Stanova

Juni 2021 - bosch rexroth community

Burr-free punching with drive technology from Bosch Rexroth

Mai 2021 - ihk ostwestfalen

The young Berlin company Stanova Stanztechnik develops durable and freely combinable processing machines for the plastics industry

Februar 2021 - VDI Z

Wiring ducts made of polymer blend are important components that ensure structured cable routing in the control cabinet. However, during the burrs and fluff occur during the die-cutting manufacturing step, which previously required an additional, expensive work step.

28.09.2020 - prozesstechnik-portal

The young company Stanova Stanztechnik is on the trail of the ideal cutting gap for punching plastics. A high-speed camera provides a new view of the punching process.

The APRIL Foundation encourages people, especially young adults, to discover what they really want.


01.04.20 - Wirtschaft Regional

New findings beim Stanzen von PVC und PC-ABS

01.04.20 - Wirtschaft Regional

Angel hair is beautiful for christmas, aber nicht an Ihren Profilen

27.11.19 - Berliner Woche

A lot of steel and brainpower

06.11.19 - Berliner Morgenpost

APP aims to turn employees into environmentalists


Thermoplastics endlich Gradfrei punching

17.10.19 - MESSE K

Das Ende vom Engelshaar

21.09.19 - Berliner Morgenpost

Fruit trees for a better climate

Artikel offnen Berliner Morgenpost

20.09.19 - Lichtenrade Berlin

Improve urban climate with meadow orchard

Artikel offnen Berlin Lichtenrade

11.09.19 - PROZESStechnik

The end of the angel hair

01.07.18 - Montagetechnik

Faster DONE

12.07.16 - Pressebox

In the shark tank